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 In 2019 a relatively unknown song writer named Aaron Allen burst onto the Canadian Country scene with his first single "Where Music Comes From".  Although he had been writing and playing for close to 20 years he seemed to appear out of the blue and immediately started turning heads.  Aaron caught the attention of Apple Music Curator George Maniatis and with the support from Apple, Allen’s EP Highway Mile has amassed over 4 million streams to date.  If you ask Allen he will credit his partnership with multi award winning Producer Jeff "Diesel" Dalziel as the defining turning point in his career.  Together they have created a sound easily recognizable to their listener.  They bond over artist such as Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen and the idea that an honest, timeless approach to music and song writing is evident in everything they release. 

Born and raised in Chatham Ontario but now London based Aaron Allen's music is deeply rooted in the singer-songwriter atmosphere once created by greats like, Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle and Bruce Springsteen.  You can hear the emotion and honesty in the words Aaron puts forth and because of that there’s no denying 4 chords and the truth is still alive and kicking. 

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