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Multi Award Winning Country Musician and Songwriter Aaron Allen burst onto the commercial scene in 2019 and immediately started turning heads with his first radio single “Where Music Comes From”.  A family man, former tattoo artist and all-around down to-earth guy, Allen’s writing style is about authenticity and stems from stories of his real-life experiences.  Carried by a relatable and genuinely differentiated brand, his ascent was lightning fast by industry standards winning the CMAOntario Rising Star award in 2020 followed by CMAOntario Album of the Year and Male Artist of the Year in 2021. Thanks to his partnership with Multi Award Winning Producer Jeff “Diesel” Dalziel, credited  as a defining turning point in his career, Aaron Allen has learned to craft songs that stand out in the Canadian Country landscape. After only a few years of professional activity, Aaron is a mainstay on Canadian Country radio, with consistent radio traction, just under 5 million streams between Apple Music and Spotify and has been featured on 17 different curated playlists on Apple Music between his 2021 CMA Ontario winning Album of the Year “Highway Mile” and his 2023 EP “Coming Home”, featuring “Work” which ranked #1 on Sirius XM’s Top of the Country and “Coming Home” which ranked #29.  With his 2023 tour dates to support Allen’s EP “Coming Home” coming to an end, Aaron is elated with the opportunity to close his tour in, as well as, make his debut in Belfast, Northern Ireland through the UNESCO City of Music exchange initiative.  With strong motivation to continue to expand his touring into the UK, Allen already has multiple songs in production in preparation for a 2024 tour, the first single being released November 10, 2023 “Lie to Me”. Whether it being an acoustic story telling duo with his wife and singer Aimee Allen, or their show stopping 7 piece country rock band Aaron’s live performances are all about connecting with audiences by bringing them into and sharing pieces of his life story and of course ensuring a really good time had by all.

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